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kherraz travel   is an agency located in Ouarzazate.

In any field, it makes you discover the hidden Morocco, one of the most scenic and spectacular way to admire the soul known in this country, explore the most inaccessible regions and the less frequented by traditional tourism.
On board of its vehicles, it leads visitors through an unforgettable adventure. You will discover tiny villages that represent doors and outposts of the vast expanses of the mysterious Sahara, you climb among the cedar wood and cork oaks, along the flanks of the three component atlas chains dotted with fortified villages where Berber populations live and have retained their ancient customs and traditions.
Tourists have at their disposal excursions that take you across the country, from the lush coastal plains to the mountains, through the extraordinary rocky gorges, before returning in the spectacular sand dunes of the great deserts.
Morocco is a series of doors that open gradually as you progress ……